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The Long Weekend Blues

Hey guys,

It’s the Monday of the long weekend, which means the weekend is coming to an end and the work week is about to start. On the up side though, Saturday and Sunday ended up being fairly nice days out, and the rain  stayed away for the drives home. Was your weekend nice and relaxing, or did you get up to adventuring and find a new spot to call your own(ish)?

My weekend was good. Friday I went out shopping, went to a professional tarot card reader for the first time, and watched a movie with my best friend. Saturday, I did some cleaning and watched a movie with my family and Sunday, I got to visit my other best friend while he’s home from BC and watched another movie with my parents. Though y weekend wasn’t full of you typical drinking and lot’s of outdoor activities, i did get to spend it with some of the important people in my life.

With that being said, i have finally figured out what i am going to talk about for this weeks, write about it Monday. It has to do about something my friend from BC and I got talking about.

It’s hard to come back home.

It is so nice to come home and see everyone, catch up, find out what they have been up to, what they are working on, changes to the area, to you old bedroom, etc. However, long visits can get tough. While you’re gone, the day to day life continues and changes without you. When you come back, you try to find your place again from when you left, which isn’t going to happen. It’s all apart of growing up, and moving out on your own. But, when you move fairly far away and visiting means at least a minimum of a week, you can be hit really hard with the change of daily life. How you can have your opinions, but really they don’t matter as you aren’t around to see the outcomes. You don’t really relate on the same level as you are growing separately in different environments with different people.

I suppose all that is why they say family is forever, and only certain relationships can last a life time. It’s why they say not to waste your time with meaningless relationships because you might let a once in a life time one walk right past you.

Drive safe on your journey’s back home, and I hope you all have an awesome week!