Learn It

So in this second row of categories to, you will find a wide range of things that I am trying to learn about. Every Saturday I plan on posting about something. No real plan to it as I am usually finding something new that I want to learn; this being awesome and terrible at the same time. For the most part I know about a lot in a very general manner. However, I usually only get so far into it until I change my mind and find something else to learn about. I’m hoping this helps me keep it a bit more under control. I plan to post the most about the subjects I am studying at University (psychology, anthropology and geology), however, I also am enrolled in a lot of online courses, so likely those are what I will post about on “Learn it Saturday”. I do hope that this also allows me to understand the topics more thoroughly as they do say that you don’t know something until you can teach it.

So, with that being said, I wish you luck and I hope you enjoy learning about some of the many, many (I could say many about 30 more times and it wouldn’t be enough) things that are out there to learn about!! (Also, if  there is a topic you think I should look into, shoot me a message!!). Also, plan for there to be more posts happening then just on Saturday’s!

All the best,