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The Empress

I guess I fell a bit behind on my tarot posts. Its been a busy couple of weeks with getting ready to head back to BC, so I apologize.

The next card that was supposed to be written about was the Empress. This post really should have been up by August 24th, but I guess it’s better late then never! I might have to rethink my posting schedule now that school is starting back up, though.

Anyways, the Empress is a card of femininity. Representing fertility/birth (this can be taken as the start of a new idea), caring, abundance, beauty, nurturing, and all around being in touch with yourself and finding fulfillment with your life. An extremely positive card to get, however it can also signify being lost and needing guidance.

As per usual, I am using the Wild Unknown Tarot deck for my interpretation of the imagery for this first series.

For this card we find a tall, and in my opinion glowing tree. It’s also depicted at night, which in my opinion is a bit confusing but when I looked it up, night time seems to be a representation of femininity in the Wild Unknown deck. Emphasizing mystery and inward moving energy. I see strength within the tree, and the glow may be a representation of when we say a woman is glowing during pregnancy. Trees are fierce and never look the same, representing earths creativity and differences.

A beautifully simple card, that represent so much. Strength, beauty , femininity and earths incredible differences.


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The High Priestess (II)

The High Priestess – your unconscious, your intuition – something we don’t understand and something we tend to ignore a lot. We all have a wisdom within us that we aren’t sure where it came from. Being aware and paying attention to our inner voices should not be taken lightly. If you haven’t been paying attention to how you are feeling about things, it might be time to listen and actually feel.

The Fool’s Journey Story (My interpretation anyways)

You’ve started on a new path, and have been handed the tool’s to move forward. Before you take that final leap into action, stop and feel. You’re a bit on edge as you aren’t entirely sure what to think and aren’t completely confident in your decision. Yes, self doubt occurs with all new endeavors, but if it really does not feel right, listen to that. If you are just feeling nervous but are prepared and ready to work hard, your goals are available to you. This is the card where you trust yourself and listen to something that might be easy to miss if you aren’t listening to yourself.

The tiger – confident with its every move, has an understanding within. Said to encourage time in solitude to connect with your inner visions and your hearts secrets. A night sky is also a symbol of looking closely, as things aren’t always as they appear. A cloudy looking glass? Maybe symbolizing that you can’t see unless you feel and think first.

Listen to understand.


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The Magician (I)

The Magician is a card that indicates having the resources you need in order to pursue your goals. But these resources are not everything you need. You need a little “magic” or faith that all will be okay. Self confidence and trust that you have the abilities to achieve everything you want are much needed in order to achieve your goals as well. Power, skill concentration, and resourcefulness are key words used to describe this card, along with manipulation, poor planning and latent talents. Stop and think, don’t run directly into something without a plan. Self-doubt has a way of creeping in if you don’t know where you are going. Putting action to a plan.

The Fool’s Journey story (My interpretation anyways)

You have just chosen something new to work towards, with the naivety of nothing can go wrong. You didn’t have a plan set out, and you had no idea what to expect. As you move from the Fool card to the Magician card, you have planned and gained the tools in order to put action to thought but are not quite there yet.

You can see all 4 suits and the infinity sign depicted in this card. Basically having “all your ducks in a row” will lead to boundless opportunity. This is not to say you can’t get a little lost along the way. As those paths can lead us to something not planned but just as amazing. This I think being represented by the cheetah. A strong and extremely fast animal. Quick to learn and stands strong in their fights.

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