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Goals starting in August

My new planner starts tomorrow!! So exciting when you get to start using a fresh daily planner. There are no missed assignments, no canceled plans and best of all, no ripped out pages or coffee stains due to a busy, hectic, and the sometimes, I just don’t care anymore attitude. I’m going to be honest here though, I very rarely continue to use the planner for the entire year. I either forget I even have it, lose it, or can’t keep up with writing everything down.

I do know, that sitting down and reviewing what needs to be done, and seeing everything that has been done is an extremely beneficial daily exercise to get in the habit of. But for some reason, at some point, I lose all motivation for it. I am great at remembering the dates of things that are due but what I’m not so great at is realizing how quickly those dates are creeping up. I also know, that with technology these days, you can send yourself notifications for reminders of the approaching event. Unfortunately, I have learned to ignore those really well.

So what am I getting at? Well, starting tomorrow, I have set myself up with a few goals. Simple goals, but will likely prove to be difficult to hold.

1. Use the planner for the entire year

2. To not start an assignment or cram for a test the night before.

3. Use the planner to keep track of spending, and force myself to save!

4. Keep a record of my daily physical activity, and come up with a game plan to become more active.

5. To learn not to give up on a schedule just because I can’t always stick to it.

Like I said, they aren’t difficult goals but for me they are. These goals are starter goals that will help me accomplish some bigger goals i have in mind. But I know that I have to start small and give myself the chance to succeed; rather then set myself up to not follow through because I’ve set goals that have a million changes and requirements to them.