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Aromatherapy History

The use of Aroma’s and their health benefits may be new to you or just seem like a fad for the time being, however, they have actually been used for ages and are really the start of western medicine. Evidence dating back to the ancient Egyptians can be found. Frankincense and myrrh have been found in the Tombs in the Valley of the Kings, and later on extracts are also referenced in the bible.

The legend of Cleopatra’s beauty having never been seen before in the world is thought to been brought on by the use of rose petals strewn along the waters of the Nile. The essence of the petals are thought to have amplified her beauty to the people.

The work Naturalis Historica was the only work of Pliny the Elder (AD77) that survived the death and eruptions of Vesuvius. His work has given many of the healing abilities that are recognized today. The first recorded use of the plants being used goes back to the time of the ancient Greeks, where they steeped flower petals in oil – used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes – though, the Romans and Egyptians have contributed to our knowledge as well.