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The Fool, The Jester, The Starseed – Major Arcana 0

The Fool, the Jester or the Starseed (which is what my new tarot deck titles card #0) is all about new beginnings and the excitement, opportunity,  movement, etc that new beginnings bring. However, with a new adventure comes risk, uncertainty, a step outside of your comfort zone, and a certain level of naivety. Some decks separate out a reversed meaning and an upright meaning to the card. The upright side being more comforting, that the new adventure is exciting, spontaneous, self-discovery – everything great that something new brings. While the reverse side brings to light the naive, foolish, uncertainty side. I personally think the two sides come hand in hand no matter what. When you try something new there is always going to be uncertainty of how it is going to go, and most likely you will be stepping outside of your comfort zone due to not fully knowing what the outcome will be.

When I get this card, I don’t necessarily look at it as a reason to get out there and try something new. I look at it to see if there is anything currently happening in my life that I don’t fully know how to deal with. And lets face it, no same event can be dealt with in the exact same way. We are constantly coming up with and inventing new ways to deal with things, even if these changes aren’t exactly recognizable. There is a quote talking about how no person is ever in the same place again, as that place has changed (maybe just with being one second older), and that person is no longer the same. We are constantly changing and growing, so this journey is constantly some kind of Fool’s journey.

Through out my descriptions and my interpretations you will likely recognize that I use the cards in a way to bring about a different perspective. I tend to get stuck in one mindset and struggle to find ways out of them when things aren’t going as planned. While I don’t necessarily change my thinking to how the cards interpret things, they definitely get me on a path of brainstorming. I also find the artwork on them stunning.  The next few parts will be what I see in the card and how the imagery relates to the descriptions (or doesn’t). We all see things different, and that’s okay. I am so new to this type of interpretation that I will likely be fairly off. The great thing about the Tarot card is that you are not wrong in your interpretation as it is your interpretation.

I currently have 4 new age decks, though I am not going to describe the imagery of all four right now. I will start off with using my Wild Unknown deck, as it is the first deck I ever purchased. Unfortunately it is currently out west, so I will be getting my images online for now.

So lets begin!

I see a chick getting ready to make that leap into learning how to fly. The top half of the card is bright where the bottom half is dark. This representing the fine line of a good or bad adventure. Whether something turns out for the better is unknown to us, we just have to trust that we will be able to get our wings going at some point. Maybe we will fall to the next branch and eventually have to try again with the possibility of having farther to go to reach that light!

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