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Goals starting in August

My new planner starts tomorrow!! So exciting when you get to start using a fresh daily planner. There are no missed assignments, no canceled plans and best of all, no ripped out pages or coffee stains due to a busy, hectic, and the sometimes, I just don’t care anymore attitude. I’m going to be honest here though, I very rarely continue to use the planner for the entire year. I either forget I even have it, lose it, or can’t keep up with writing everything down.

I do know, that sitting down and reviewing what needs to be done, and seeing everything that has been done is an extremely beneficial daily exercise to get in the habit of. But for some reason, at some point, I lose all motivation for it. I am great at remembering the dates of things that are due but what I’m not so great at is realizing how quickly those dates are creeping up. I also know, that with technology these days, you can send yourself notifications for reminders of the approaching event. Unfortunately, I have learned to ignore those really well.

So what am I getting at? Well, starting tomorrow, I have set myself up with a few goals. Simple goals, but will likely prove to be difficult to hold.

1. Use the planner for the entire year

2. To not start an assignment or cram for a test the night before.

3. Use the planner to keep track of spending, and force myself to save!

4. Keep a record of my daily physical activity, and come up with a game plan to become more active.

5. To learn not to give up on a schedule just because I can’t always stick to it.

Like I said, they aren’t difficult goals but for me they are. These goals are starter goals that will help me accomplish some bigger goals i have in mind. But I know that I have to start small and give myself the chance to succeed; rather then set myself up to not follow through because I’ve set goals that have a million changes and requirements to them.

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Oh it’s Monday

Hey everyone,

So while I have big plans for everything I want my website to have, I realize with no real schedule to the madness it’s extremely difficult for me to know or keep up on any one section. So, I’ve decided to have different days dedicated to different topics. Monday’s just so happen to be the chosen week day of writing about my problems, or giving my opinion for whatever topic might be weighing heavy on my mind.

Monday’s for whatever reason seem to be a dreaded day of the week. For those that work the 9 to 5pm, Monday to Friday day job. I personally am not so fortunate to have a constant schedule. Though while in school, the schedule is a bit more constant, especially since making my work availability as strict as possible that still allows for a decent number of hours. With that being said, Monday’s are one of my favorite days. The start of a new week, feeling ready for whatever the week has to throw my way, lists and plans set out for the week, possibly even some meal planning (who am I kidding, I am not that organized, though I really wish I was). Anyways, what I’m saying is, why do so many dread a day that is supposed to be the start of our week. Starting the week off hating that we have to go back to work, is guaranteed to make the week feel longer. To make us wish it was the weekend again.

I understand that not all of us are fortunate enough to love our jobs, myself included, but why not start our day doing something we enjoy; whether its reading, sketching, going out for a morning walk, or maybe even watching a movie. I know that means you have to wake up early, but if you wake up knowing you get to start your day off with something you enjoy, it should make the idea of waking up early easier. Rather then waking up and dreading the getting ready to head off to work.

Now I know this idea is easier said then done, as I am guilty of waking up 30 minutes before I have to be out the door (leaving no real time to eat) when I have an early morning shift (and I mean early…like being at work for 4am early). I also understand that sleep is important (trust me, I love my sleep…like 10 hours a night amounts of sleep), but instead of staying up late at night watching 3 or 4 different tv shows, getting lost in characters lives, we could go to bed early so that we can wake up and start our own days pumped up. We can wake up saying “today is going to be a good day” instead of saying “ugh, have to get ready for work again”, or “why can’t it just be Friday already”. We are wishing away the time we have, that is already so limited.

Just a thought that is running through my mind today, as I woke up at 10 already having wasted my morning.

Hope all is well, and that this week is awesome, and if its not, remember that it’s the small things that are generally making up our lives.