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Merry Christmas

Well I officially suck at keeping this blog updated. I guess it has been 71days since I last posted anything?! Sorry about that. I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you what has all happened because I can’t remember. So I will tell you about my surprise trip home for the holidays.

I was fortunate enough to get my exam schedule fairly early. This meant I could get my ticket home pretty cheap even though it was over the holidays. I managed to convince my family that I wasn’t coming home as I couldn’t afford it (honestly wasn’t that hard to do considering they knew how broke I was and still am). Little did they know, I actually already had the ticket. I have to admit though, it was hard to listen to how upset they were, then it got even harder when they asked if I wanted them to buy my ticket.

About two weeks before I was to fly out I had to call my dad to let him know that I was coming home, as they were asking me a bunch of questions about when I was done my exams and when I had to be back at school, which had me worried they would buy a surprise ticket. It was a funny conversation though, as my dad was confused as to how I was getting home from the airport and what I was going to do if mom wanted to send gifts out to the Island.

Fortunately for me, I have an awesome best friend that helped make this surprise happen. She picked me up at the airport and agreed to lie that she could send parcels cheaper from work. However, I convinced my mom that she didn’t have to have things sent out until December 20th. I was back by the 15th though, so this plan didn’t have to be put into action.

There was actually one day that I almost gave it away. I was on my way home from work on my last day before the holidays. I had called home like I usually do during my walk home after work and I had excitedly said that it was my last day, then quickly had to save myself. Saying that it was my last day for the next 2 weeks because I had to study and then write my exams.

I only had two exams this semester because my third class had 3 tests in total, but only took the grades for 2. Luckily, I did pretty good on the first 2 tests which meant I didn’t have to write the final. While I am still waiting for my grade for Forensic Anthropology, I feel pretty good about that exam. I didn’t do as great in Biopsychology as I would have liked, but for my lack of ability in any type of biology, I did well! 🙂

Once I finished my last exam, I had about 5 hours to clean the house and pack. I actually only packed a backpack, as I really couldn’t be bothered with checking in luggage. As I scrambled around to clean everything and get my laundry washed, I managed to turn my white blanket and pillow cases pink. I rushed to get to the ferry on time, and it ended up being delayed by 40 minutes. This marks the beginning of the delays.

When I finally made it to my cousins, we watched a Christmas movie and I got to meet their new puppy Java. A name that represents coffee for my cousin, and a software program for her husband and son. The next day we spend most of the day watching Christmas movies after sending out Christmas cards and picking up her daughter from the airport. I wasn’t feeling very well so the evening plans to go out didn’t happen, but that was okay. I enjoy staying in. Flight day arrived quick, and I am so happy I didn’t check in luggage. My flight was running on time all day until it was time to be boarding. We ended up being delayed about an hour in Vancouver and then waiting for crew in Toronto in order to disembark the plane. I’m sure Erika wanted to kill me by this point because instead of being there 30 minutes early, she was there 2.5 hours early.

We had a shopping trip on Friday the 15th and then the surprises began. My mom and dad went out shopping, so my dad left the door unlocked for me. My poor mom was so shocked to find me curled up on the couch when they got home. It was cute. We then went out for dinner as she tried to recover from the surprise. I was then forced to stay up until midnight so I could surprise my sister. She too was shocked, but so tired for a day’s work that it was basically a hello and then she headed home, she had us over the next day for breakfast so we could have a bit more of a hello! On Saturday the 16th I surprised my grandma when my mom took her out shopping. When she realized I wasn’t my sister, her reaction was pretty priceless. Sunday the 17th I got to surprise my brother. He was studying for his last final, so it may not have been the greatest idea, but he did well so now I don’t feel bad. His reaction was more a “I’m going to ground you” to my parents. Each one of my family members for some reason looked behind them when they first saw me, cried or teared up a bit, and asked me was I was doing here. My mom’s reaction was to call my dad a prick as he kept it from her for a couple weeks.

I had a Christmas dinner at my aunts and uncles and I had a girls night with Erika a couple days ago, but that’s about all I’ve done since I’ve been home. Besides stacking wood and wrapping the presents I bought that I said I wasn’t going to buy -.-

Anyways, I better get back to helping with last minute Christmas cleaning done so we can enjoy a few days off as a family. I hope that those of you that are reading this have amazing holidays and that the stress that the holidays come with don’t ruin your time that should be spent enjoying time with loved ones and remembering those that are no longer with you. It’s 7 years today Grandma. We all miss you! xxo

Write Soon,



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What’s the deal with Friday the 13th?

To start, Happy Friday the 13th. Hopefully no one reading this has paraskevidekatriaphobia (the fear of Friday the 13th). The origin of this superstition is not really known, but may have started in the middle ages, with the story of the last dinner and crucifixion. There were 13 individuals, on a Thursday of the 13th day. Friday, is typically considered an unlucky day in some cultures as well, but before the 19th century the two together were never considered extremely unlucky. The fear of just the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia (in case you were interested). I find phobia’s interesting, and might be an area of research for me. Do you have any interesting phobia’s? If so, did something cause them or have you just always been afraid?

Here are just a few photo’s from the past month

During one of my walks at the Waterfront! I also found my first geocache around here!!
One of the docks to catch a boat over to New Castle Island
A sea plane
Just a hedge
Neat metal work. I have walked past this a lot in the past 3 years. However this was the first time I actually stopped to look at it.


Anyways, how has everyone been? I realize I have been really slacking with the updates and postings. I believe my last quote of the day post was the beginning of September? Talk about falling behind. That’s not even the worst of it, I feel like the school semester has gone by so quickly. It’s almost the middle of October, which means it’s midterm time, and I still feel like I’m only a week into this school year. With that being said, when I’m pulling out textbooks and class notes (which seem to be lacking), the amount of information we have gone through is large. Last night I was up until about 12am finishing up a group project. Now, I know some of you are likely saying that’s not that bad. But when you are someone that is usually finished with school work by 8pm and curled up in bed by 10pm at the latest (sometimes I’m watching Netflix later into the evening though – rare), it is late. Other then having the school work piled up, I really enjoy my classes this semester. I’m doing a pretty big intro level research project for psychology and while I never really considered a career in research, it’s looking like a possibility. Hopefully by the end of the class i figure that out though. As it will determine whether I want to go for clinical or counseling psychology.


As for life outside of school, I’m staying fairly busy with work. If I can handle it and get my weekend shifts turned to 8 hour shifts, I get quite a few hours. Thanksgiving weekend worked fairly well that way. It also helped that I had Monday and Tuesday off from both work and school to study and work on assignments, though. I’ve also been a spectacular shopper in Sephora, and online with Groupon and Amazon. It may be time to freeze the visa. I should have enough make-up to survive a year, and enough cookware to survive the rest of my undergraduate career. I also, have a book collection that should last the same amount of time or longer (though, I don’t have much time for personal reading).

I’m currently obsessed with the TV series, Teen Wolf. My mom and I use to watch it together a few years ago, but eventually we just couldn’t find it anymore, and forgot about it. About a week after I got back to school, I noticed an ad for the finale. I was on iTunes in about 3 seconds purchasing the series. I believe I have two season left to watch, for fortunately Riverdale Season 2 just came out on Netflix, so I should be set until at least the end of October.

My roommate Victoria and I are also participating in a 28 day reset. Basically, we are going gluten free, no added sugars, and dairy free so that at the end of the month we can re-introduce them back into our diets and see if we have any intolerance’s that otherwise are hard to be aware of unless they are severe. My timing is a bit unfortunate with Halloween treats hitting the shelves and soon going on sale. But hopefully by the end of it, the cravings aren’t as strong. I’m actually really excited to try out some of the recipes, and even see my cooking skills grow, as canned, boxed and premade items aren’t really an option. I’m also really excited that I’m not doing it alone. It is a lot easier when you have motivation and can be a motivator for the same thing.  The program also has a 6x a week workout requirement, however they are equipment free and only about 30 minutes long, so it could be quite doable. Wish me luck!


Before I end this post, i’d like to ask you to check out the store for my Halloween bracelets. They are super cute, and would be great for any Halloween party! I’ll even do express shipping for the cost of regular shipping so that they arrive in time!


I guess that’s all I really have to say! Im going to try and get a routine back up and going with daily quotes and what not, but no promises as time seems to just fly by.

All the best!





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A Tuesday Start

Classes begin tomorrow and I am so incredibly excited. Not so excited for an 8:30am start, with a 4 hour break before my last two classes (which will end at 7:30pm), but excited to get into the study routine! I got my Bio-psychology syllabus the other day and it sounds hard but extremely interesting. I will definitely be using my 4 hour breaks on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to study!

So I went grocery shopping yesterday and learned that a $1 a day for food is not going to happen. However, $2 to $2.50 shouldn’t be too bad and I hope to make a section that shows my journey with hardcore budgeting. This budget is based off saving 75% of what I make while working (as long as I can manage $600 a month). OSAP covers all my bills and tuition costs for the year, which is extremely lucky, and is the only reason this might be possible. Fortunately, the budget isn’t exactly necessary as I should have a good amount on the side saved up, but it is a goal!

My brother moved into University yesterday which is such a weird feeling. My baby brother is not a baby anymore. Unfortunately I flew back to Nanaimo on Saturday so I didn’t get to help him move in, which I suppose may have been a good thing in the end. We chatted this morning and he seems super excited for orientation and starting classes. I wish him the best of luck and cannot wait to hear all the crazy stories! It’s going to be one hell of a journey!

Before I left Ontario, my sister and her boyfriend Nathan also got the keys to their first house. The main reason I had stayed until the long weekend was to see the place. It is such a cute house! It requires a good amount of work but holds so much potential. I took some before pictures and can’t wait to take some after pictures. I’m sure there will be many opinion arguments but the learning experience and personal growth the two of them will go through will be worth it and awesome for me to see too.

Anyways, here are some pictures from the plane and I hope you are all well.