Well, you’ve found my site and now you’re probably debating whether or not to browse around, or continue your online roaming.

To be honest, I’m spending a lot of my time fidgeting around with it. Figuring out a layout, what kind of content I want, you know, the kind of stuff I should have figured out before launching it. However, I figure, since I’m always changing, I’m going to be constantly changing around my site.

So, here’s a quick overview of what my site is about right now.

First, I’m going to have daily quotes. The quotes will be from quote sites, but maybe eventually I’ll start coming up with some really inspiring lines of my own. The quotes will be written on my Boogie board Jot, and then blended on top of photo’s I have taken myself. I love taking photos but usually never look at them again after capturing them. So hopefully this will add on some extra fun to it.

Second, I will have a “Write about it Monday”. The plan is for this section to be my personal blogging. Whats happening, what I’m thinking, an overview of what might be coming up, basically just whatever I feel like talking about at the particular time I’m writing it.

Create it Tuesdays, will feature something I have made. I’m currently big into stone jewelry making, and am trying to sell it on Etsy. The photo’s will be linked to my Etsy shop, and hopefully this will help get some people interested. I have always been a crafty person, and have found it an excellent way to de-stress from school or basically anything. I decided to get into Jewelry making as a way to bring in some extra cash while doing something that helps me get through the week. This venture has been a lot more difficult then anticipated for, but I will continue trying until….

Wednesday’s seem to be a difficult day; middle of the week, ready for a day off, you know. So Wednesday’s are all about Capturing something new or old. You might find pictures of pencils on this page, I don’t really know. But it’s all about finding the beauty in the simple things.

As for Thursday’s, this heading might be where you become a bit skeptical on if this is a blog you want to follow. The world of Tarot seems to be a very misunderstood topic. As with all topics, you have extremists, however, I would just like to introduce you to the topic. The fascinating history and meanings behind the cards. Did you know, it’s thought they were created for a game much like today’s game of bridge? Also, the art work and symbolism on them should be enough to get you to look at them.

Friday’s and Saturday’s don’t really have a plan. Originally they were going to be about learning something new as I’m in like a billion courses (yes, i mean in University, but I also take a lot of random online courses), but this could become a pretty intense section. So I may wait until I get a better schedule going, or i may just want a couple days to myself where I don’t have to worry about anything.

Lastly, we have Sunday, which is all about a day of rest. For me, it’s a day of reflection of the past week and a day of planning for the week ahead. I will also likely be working most Sunday’s. This will be a day of creating an affirmation. Which is a positive statement about yourself to boost your self-esteem. By reflecting on the past week, maybe I will recognize something I was really harsh to myself about and so I will turn it into a positive affirmation and work at it over the following week. On busy days and likely for the first few months I will be finding pre-made affirmations online. But hopefully I will eventually reach the point of making my own.

You’ll find the most recent posts and images along the side bar, but if you’re new to my site or have missed a couple weeks you can find everything in the menu’s above. I hope you can find the inspiration in this site I am hoping to give, and I hope you can see the beauty in the simple things that I decide to share.

All the best, and happy living



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This tree has gone through the worst of storms, and has lost large pieces of itself. It still stands strong, and so can you! Keep your loved ones close :).

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Goals starting in August

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